May Bangkok Biography

I just wanted to take a little time to say "Hello" and "Welcome to" to all my fans, and explain a little about myself for those of you who are new fans. A little story about little ol' me, May. So let me begin. Most of my life I felt something was a bit different about myself. Ever since I can remember, as young as age 10, I have felt just like a lady. I always feel this need inside that I was a lady, and years after that first dream I started living my dream. Making it a reality. I was born some 20 something years ago in the Northeastern region of Thailand, in the Issan section. My city of birth being Khon Kean. It was there at the tender age of 10 I knew I was a lady and not a boy.

At age 16 I moved to Ko Si Chang which is near Pattaya. Ko Si Chang is a small island off the Gulf of Thailand. This was a turning point in my life, as for one year later I moved to Bangkok to live with my sister whom I love dearly. I lived in Bangkok for a few years and started posing for websites while I was there. I will be honest, my first posing I was shy and not sure what to do. But as time went by and my body filled out and became more of what I felt inside. I became more comfortable with posing. Some sites I am sure you have seen my pictorials and videos, which has lead you to

Just with all girls I have many interests. Things like jewelry, nice clothes, dancing, travel, night clubs and of course who doesn't like to go to the beach. Someday I would love to travel around the world and see some of the many wonders the world has to offer. I would really love to see places like Europe and the United States. But after all the traveling is done and all the jewelry and clothes are gone, I am still just a simple girl at heart. I would love to find my ideal man, my life partner. What do I look for in a man? Well I have always been attracted to the strong take-charge kind of guy. Someone who knows just what he wants out of life and can treat me nicely for the lady I am. Who knows, maybe even settle down and be a nice housewife near the ocean in Thailand.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all my fans who have followed my career on the net throughout the years. And a special thanks to those whom helped me along the way, I thank you. I thank you all for stopping by my One and Only Official site It's going to be great for you the fans to see me at my best. New Photoshoots, New Videos and much more. Please feel free to stay tuned, it's just starting to "get hot in here!" So check out the preview tour and I hope to see you all inside.