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XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB ‘ALPHAZ’ is now available!

XG OFFICIAL FANCLUB ‘ALPHAZ’ is now available!

Fanclub members will have access to exclusive XG content, such as daily blog entries and special videos. 
The fanclub features a points system as well as a community forum where XG members will join in from time to time! We can't wait to welcome you as a member!

Anyone joining during launch month (August 2022) will be able to take advantage of early entry benefits and ongoing loyalty rewards! See below for details.

[Early Enrollment and Continued Loyalty Rewards]

▼ Reward 1:
All fanclub members who join by 9:59 am (ET) on August 31, 2022, will be entered into a lottery for the chance to win one of seven original XG prizes, signed by the entire group!
* Gift details and shipping information will be provided at a later date.

▼ Reward 2:
Fanclub members who join in August 2022 and continue their membership through the following periods will receive a bonus gift!
■ For those who join by 9:59 am (ET) August 31, 2022, and hold their membership through February 2023: SIX-MONTH loyalty reward
■ For those who join by 9:59 am (ET) August 31, 2022, and hold their membership through August 2023: ONE-YEAR loyalty reward

* Fans who sign up in September 2022 or later will not be eligible for these rewards.
* Reward details will be provided at a later date.
* Anyone canceling membership during the month a reward is presented will not be eligible to receive said reward; even if they have held their membership for the above-mentioned period. Reward details will be provided once officially confirmed.

We will be adding new features to the fanclub in the future.
Don't miss this opportunity!


Monthly Subscription Fee: 550 JPY
* Payment will be calculated based on local currency. The exact payment amount will vary depending on the exchange rate. Join here: https://xg.pasch.fan/
* The monthly fee will be equivalent to 550 JPY. * You'll need to create a +ID to join.

[Fanclub rewards]
A digital membership certificate with your own unique membership number is included.
You can raise your status depending on how many points you accumulate and how long you've been a member!

Blog entries are updated daily by members. These are ONLY available through ALPHAZ!
You can look forward to photos and messages that cannot be found anywhere else, 
including backstage shots, XG member’s personal blogs and much more.

Get up-close-and-personal with vlogs from XG! These videos will be posted at irregular intervals, and can only be found on ALPHAZ!

A forum where ALPHAZ can chat about XG with other ALPHAZ!
Also, the XG girls just might join from time to time!

You’ll be able to earn points for logging in, liking and creating posts on social media, and for every year of your continued membership.
Depending on how many points you've built up, you can even claim unique special rewards!

 All this and MORE is available through ALPHAZ!!
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